What is Pre-K Cubs?

Bear Cubs is a general education program for children in preschool or beginning preschool.  The curriculum is based on the development of 3 – 5 year olds.  It's a 4 semester program which includes 8 weeks in each semester. We offer two age based program options. 

The Bear Cubs program is recommended for ages 3-4. In this virtual program children will receive daily live lessons (Monday - Friday) and daily independent interactive activities/tasks. The daily live lessons include general education lessons, music, art, handwriting, science, show & tell and reading/phonics.

There are 2 classes to choose from.:

Bear Cubs Class - recommended ages 3+

Lion Cubs Class - recommended ages 4+

This Program Includes:

  • Access to Private Platform

  • Daily LIVE Lessons Monday – Friday (8 weeks)

  • Well-Rounded Program with Multiple Classes

  • Activity Worksheets Provided

  • Supply List Provided

  • Learning Package Sent to All Students (worksheets bundle for all 8 weeks, maniplulatives, etc.)

  • Story Corner with Ms. Monica

Special Delivery

All students receive a learning package which includes:

  • Activity Bundles for all 8 weeks
  • Answer Paddle dry erase board (new students)
  • Manipulative chose by teacher
  • Dry Erase Sleeve
  • Daily Sentence Sheet or Journal

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Bear Cubs - Semester 3

    • Preschool Explorers Disclaimer

    • Welcome Video From Ms. Monica

    • Private Platform Overview

    • Preparing for Lessons (daily materials)

    • All About Bear Cubs

    • Pre-K Cubs Important Information

    • Schedule for the Week

    • Daily Supplies

    • Join Our Private Community

  • 2

    Art Class Materials & Worksheets

    • Week 1 Art Materials

    • Week 2 Art Materials

    • Week 3 Art Materials

    • Week 4 Art Materials

    • Week 5 Art Materials

    • Week 6 Art Materials

    • Week 7 Art Materials

    • Week 8 Art Materials

  • 3

    Week 1 - January 30th - February 3rd

    • Week 1 Introduction & Materials

    • Learning Package & Daily Class Materials

    • Links for the Week

    • Monday Lesson (Replay)

    • Tuesday Lesson (Replay)

    • Wednesday Lesson (Replay)

  • 4


    • Teaching Letter Sounds Resource

    • Epic Books - Digital Reading Platform

    • Parent Chat - January 26th

    • Semester 3 Important Dates

    • Policies and Procedures

    • Contact Us

Bear Cubs Live

Bear Cubs is taught by Ms. Monica, a certified educator with a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education/Special Education and over 20 years of experience.

Weekly Skills Covered

Skills Covered

Bear Cubs Class Schedule

(Eastern Standard Time Zone)

Please make sure you review the schedule above. This is the schedule that this group follows throughout the 8 week program. Teacher - Ms. Monica.

Bear Cubs Pricing

Program Dates - January 30th - March 24th

  • General Fee – $947
  • Payment Plan - $330 per month - 3 payments
  • Sibling General Payment $1420.50 (2 children)
  • Sibling Payment Plan - 3 payments of  $473.50
  • Payment Plan - Payments are automatically withdrawn 1 time per month.  For example if you register on November 1st, your next two payments will be December 1st and  January 1st.
  • More than 1 child (2 siblings) – 25% off total
  • *International Students (outside of the United States) - a separate shipping fee will be billed for the Learning Package shipment.  The fee is based on your location and the shipping fee generated by FedEx.  Preschool Explorers covers the first $15 of shipping for all registered students. This fee will be invoiced after shipments have been made. After you register our office will contact you.

What are the class dates?

  • Semester = 8 weeks
  • Runs from January 30th - March 24th
  • Monthly Payment Plan available
  • Live lessons Monday - Friday

Holidays - No Class

  •  February 10th - No Art Class/Pre- Recorded Art Class
  •  February 20th - No Class/Presidents' Day 
  • February 22nd - No Live Class/Pre-recorded lesson

*All live lessons start on January 30, 2022 

*All lessons are recorded for replay purposes and are only for registered student access.

*Please make sure you review the schedule times and days.

*Our programs are considered to be educational enrichment programs because of the virtual nature.  Families must consult with their tax preparer regarding the deductibility of the expenses. 

*Refunds are available for all programs. Since this is a digital product/program we will offer partial payment refunds for a limited time. For partial refunds we will give you up until the 1st week of the program for a refund.  You pay for the 1st week plus an administration fee.  This semesters refunds are only available through February 3, 2023 by 11:59PM PST.  Please email us at hello@preschoolexplorers.education for refund details.

Pricing options


  • Can I pay per week for the Pre-K Cubs class? Is there a payment plan?

    No, our programs are sold as a 8 week programs. There will be a one time payment option or a payment plan option.

  • Does my child have to participate in all 8 weeks of programming?

    This is a live 8 week program. We recommend your child attends the live classes. If your child misses a class there is always a replay video available to watch after each lesson.

  • What ages are the programs suitable for?

    Based on skills covered in our programs, they are recommended for ages 3 - 5. Please review the skills that we will cover in each class to make sure it's suitable for your child.

  • How long will I have access to the Pre-K Cubs content?

    All Preschool Explorers lessons will remain there until the end of the 8 week program. You will have access to the program material up to two weeks after the program is complete. These video lessons are not downloadable. This is an 8 week program.

  • Do parents need to participate in Pre-K All & Pre-K Cub classes?

    Our Preschool programs can be totally independent, however this will depend primarily on each individual child. Children will need their basic materials set-up before their lesson begins. Parent preparation is simple and can be done ahead of time the night before or morning of the class.

  • Will my child need materials ready at home for Pre-K All & Pre-K Cub lessons?

    Yes, since our program happens in your home your child will need some materials each day. We try to keep the materials to a minimum. Your child will need simple materials in order to participate. A materials list is provided for each week. Once your program registration is complete you’ll have access to our private platform where you can find the materials list and more. We’ll provide plenty of easy, economical ideas and suggestions.

  • Are any of your classes live lessons?

    Yes, the Pre-K Cub program offers live lessons via Zoom.

  • What if my child isn't ready for some of the activities in the program?

    Patience is key. Have patience and give your child time to adapt to their new routines, work, lessons, etc. Make sure you sample the first few classes and see if your child engages with the lessons. You are given a time frame for a refund.

  • Can I receive a refund if I don't think the content is right for my child?

    Yes, refunds are available for all of the programs. Since this is a digital product/program we will offer partial payment refunds for a limited time. For partial refunds we will give you up until the 1st week of the program for a refund. You pay for the 1st week plus an administration fee.