Worksheets Included

  • Uppercase Letters Tracing Worksheets - Letters A - Z

  • Lowercase Letters Tracing Worksheets - Letters a -z

  • Letter Matching & Coloring Worksheets - Letters Aa - Zz

  • Match the Pictures Worksheets - Letters Aa - Zz

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    Letter Tracing Worksheets

    • Uppercase Letters A-Z - Tracing Worksheets

    • Lowercase Letters a-z - Tracing Worksheets

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    Letter Matching Worksheets (Letters A - O)

    • Match the Letter Aa

    • Match the Picture Aa

    • Match the Letter Bb

    • Match the Picture Bb

    • Match the Letter Cc

    • Match the Picture Cc

    • Match the Letter Dd

    • Match the Picture Dd

    • Match the Letter Ee

    • Match the Picture Ee

    • Match the Letter Ff

    • Match the Picture Ff

    • Match the Letter Gg

    • Match the Picture Gg

    • Match the Letter Hh

    • Match the Picture Hh

    • Match the Letter Ii

    • Match the Picture Ii

    • Match the Letter Jj

    • Match the Picture Jj

    • Match the Letter Kk

    • Match the Picture Kk

    • Match the Letter Ll

    • Match the Picture Ll

    • Match the Letter Mm

    • Match the Picture Mm

    • Match the Letter Nn

    • Match the Picture Nn

    • Match the Letter Oo

    • Match the Picture Oo

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    Letter Matching Worksheets (Letters P - Z)

    • Match the Letter Pp

    • Match the Picture Pp

    • Match the Letter Qq

    • Match the Picture Qq

    • Match the Letter Rr

    • Match the Picture Rr

    • Match the Letter Ss

    • Match the Picture Ss

    • Match the Letter Tt

    • Match the Picture Tt

    • Match the Letter Uu

    • Match the Pictures Uu

    • Letter V Matching Vv

    • Match the Pictures Vv

    • Letter Matching Ww

    • Match the Pictures Ww

    • Letter X Matching Xx

    • Match the Picture Xx

    • MatchLetter Yy

    • Match the Pictures Yy

    • Letter Matching Zz

    • Match the Pictures Zz

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Preschool Learn at Home Worksheets

These worksheets are a part of the Preschool Explorers Learn at Home Worksheet Bundles.

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  • When can I access the worksheets?

    You can immediately access the worksheets once you pay for the bundle. They are available 24 hrs a day.

  • What ages and/or grades are the worksheets geared towards?

    These worksheets have been created for preschool ages 3-5. However, every child's developmental level is different. Some children can handle more challenging work than others. These are basic skill worksheets.

  • How many time can I download and print the worksheets?

    You can download and print the worksheets as many times as you'd like.

  • Can I sell these worksheets?

    No you cannot sell these worksheets. These worksheets are for personal, learning at home and classroom use.

  • Can I get a refund?

    No, there are no refunds offered for this worksheet bundle. This is a digital product and it's difficult to offer a refund for worksheets.

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