What is Spelling Bee Adventures 2?

Spelling Bee Adventures 2 is an after-school program for children ages 5 and up. It can assist children who are reading, writing and making a connection between letters and letter sounds. In this after school program children will participate in activities and games that can make learning to spell fun. The carefully crafted activities and games can strengthen a child’s self-confidence, communication skills, cognitive skills and public speaking. Children will get to practice at the end of each week by participating in a mini spelling bee.

Recommended Ages: 5+

This Program Includes:

  • Access to Private Platform until November 18th

  • LIVE Lessons on Mondays & Wednesdays (4 weeks)

  • Well-Rounded Program with Multiple Classes

  • Activity Worksheets Provided

  • Supply List Provided

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Spelling Bee Adventures 2

    • Welcome Video From Ms. Monica

    • Private Platform Overview

    • All About Spelling Bee Adventures 2

    • Schedule for the Week

    • Preparing for Lessons

    • Daily Supplies

  • 2

    Week 1 - October 24th - October 26th

    • Week 1 Introduction & Materials

    • Links for the Week

  • 3


    • Contact Us

    • Policies and Procedures

    • End of Semester Survey

Ready, Set Kinder Explorers Details & Pricing

Program Dates - October 24th - November 16th  

  • General Fee – $250
  • Sibling One-Time Payment - $400
  • 2 siblings – 20% off total

What are the class dates?

  • Length = 4 weeks (8 classes)
  • Runs from October 24th - November 16th
  • Live lessons Mondays  & Wednesdays
  • 4pm ET

Teacher - Ms. Yvette

*All live lessons start on October 24th, 2022 

*All lessons are recorded for replay purposes and are only for registered student access.

*Please make sure you review the schedule times and days.

*Our programs are considered to be educational enrichment programs because of the virtual nature.  Families must consult with their tax preparer regarding the deductibility of the expenses. 

*Since this is a digital product/program we will not offer partial payment refunds. 



  • Can I pay per week for after-school programs? Is there a payment plan?

    No, this programs is sold as a 4 week program. There will be a one time payment option.

  • Does my child have to participate in all 4 weeks of programming?

    This is a live 4 week program. We recommend your child attends the live classes.

  • What ages are the programs suitable for?

    Based on skills covered in our programs, they are recommended for ages 3 - 5. Please review the skills that we will cover in each class to make sure it's suitable for your child.

  • Do parents need to participate in the classes?

    Our programs can be totally independent, however this will depend primarily on each individual child. Children will need their basic materials set-up before their lesson begins. Parent preparation is simple and can be done ahead of time the night before or morning of the class.

  • What if my child isn't ready for some of the activities in the program?

    Patience is key. Have patience and give your child time to adapt to their new routines, work, lessons, etc. Make sure you sample the first few classes and see if your child engages with the lessons. You are given a time frame for a refund.

  • Can I receive a refund if I don't think the content is right for my child?

    Since this is a digital 4 week product/program we will not offer payment refunds.