Keep the learning and fun going this Summer.

You have some Summer plans for your little one, but everyday isn't filled with an activity. Nod your head if 4 weeks of daily guided video lessons help fill in the gaps? If you've been feeling like it's time to figure out some activities to add to your Summer plans, you're in the right place.

What is Summer Exploration?

This Program Includes:

  • Access to Private Platform 24/7 – until August 26, 2022

  • Daily Summer Lessons Monday – Friday (4 weeks)

  • 30 Minute Lessons/Activities (lessons will sometimes go over 30 mins)

  • Activity Worksheets Provided

  • Supply List Provided

  • All Lessons taught by Monica J Sutton, except Fitness & Movement

  • Fitness & Movement – Taught by Physical Education Teacher

  • Back by popular demand (same program from Summer 2021)

Summer Exploration

Pre-Recorded Lessons

Our Summer Exploration is a 4 week pre-recorded program during the Summer months.  You will have access to all video lessons on our private platform for 8 weeks.  This program is based on exploration, learning and fun for 3-5 year olds. Pre-recorded Lessons are taught by Monica J Sutton with a special teachers for our Physical Education classes. Pre-recorded Lessons are taught by Monica J Sutton with some special teachers and can be accessed via video on a Private Platform. Live Lessons are taught via Zoom.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Summer Exploration

    • Welcome Video from Ms. Monica

    • All About Summer Programs 2022

    • Preparing for Lessons

    • Daily Supplies

    • Join Our Community

  • 2

    Week 1 - Lessons 1-5

    • Week 1 Introduction & Materials

    • Weekly Schedule

    • Lesson 1 - Monday

    • Lesson 2 - Tuesday

    • Lesson 3 - Wednesday

    • Lesson 4 - Thursday

    • Lesson 5 - Friday

  • 3

    Week 2 - Lessons 6-10

    • Week 2 Materials & Information

    • Weekly Schedule

    • Lesson 6 - Monday

    • Lesson 7 - Tuesday

    • Lesson 8 - Wednesday

    • Lesson 9 - Thursday

    • Lesson 10 - Friday

  • 4

    Week 3 - Lessons 11-15

    • Week 3 Materials & Information

    • Weekly Schedule

    • Lesson 11 - Monday

    • Lesson 12 - Tuesday

    • Lesson 13 - Wednesday

    • Lesson 14 - Thursday

    • Lesson 15 - Friday

  • 5

    Week 4 - Lessons 16-20

    • Week 4 Materials & Information

    • Weekly Schedule

    • Lesson 16 - Monday

    • Lesson 17 - Tuesday

    • Lesson 18 - Wednesday

    • Lesson 19 - Thursday

    • Lesson 20 - Friday

  • 6

    Bonus Videos

    • Introduction to Scissor Cutting

    • Letter Sound Song with Ms. Monica

  • 7

    Story Corner Library

    • Story Corner - It's Pumpkin Day Mouse

    • Story Corner - Pete the Cat Book

    • Story Corner - The Boy with Big, Big Feelings

    • Story Corner - The Pout Pout Fish

    • Story Corner - Sophie's Squash

    • Story Corner - Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

    • Story Corner - MIXED A Colorful Story

    • Story Corner - How to Raise a Dinosaur

    • Story Corner Special - Bear Snores On

    • Story Corner - Who is Martin Luther King Jr.?

    • Story Corner - It's Okay to Make Mistakes

    • Story Corner - Snowmen at Night

    • Story Corner - Grandma's Purse

    • Story Corner - Grandma's Purse

    • Story Corner - Last Stop on Market Street

    • Story Corner - In My Heart - A Book of Feelings

    • Story Corner - The Adventures of Beekle

    • Story Corner - One

    • Story Corner - Hippo is Happy

    • Story Corner - The Little Engine That Could

  • 8


    • Amazon Supply List

    • Contact Us

Program Break Down

Daily Lesson Descriptions

  • Monday – Sensory & Fine Motor (Dough Play, Sand Play, Water Play, Cutting &. Pasting, Etc.)
  • Tuesday – Science Exploration (Hands On Experiments)
  • Wednesday – Arts & Crafts – Color, cut and paste crafts
  • Thursday – Make, Bake & Create (simple kitchen, food or tactile activities)
  • Friday – Fitness & Movement  Indoor/Outdoor Movement Activities taught by Physical Education Teacher. 

Program Information

  • 4 week Pre-Recorded Video Program
  • 20 Lessons in total 
  • 5 lessons per week
  • Access to pre-recorded lessons ends on August 26, 2022 (11:59PM PST)
  • Access to Story Corner Library with Ms. Monica


One Time Payment

○ $297 – Summer Exploration (pre-recorded)

2 Payment Installment Plan

○ $155 – 2 monthly payments (payments are automatically debited from your account. For example if your 1st payment is made on July 1st, then your 2nd payment is on August 1st.)

*These lessons are mobile, computer, laptop and tablet friendly.  These lessons do not stream on your television.

*All program lessons will be uploaded and ready to view at the time of registration. Access to the entire program will be available through August 26, 2022.

*Back by popular demand. Same Summer Program from Summer 2021.

*Our programs are considered to be educational enrichment programs because of the virtual nature.  Families must consult with their tax preparer regarding the deductibility of the expenses. 

*There are no refunds for this program.  Please email us at for questions.

Pricing options


  • Can I pay per week for the Pre-K All class? Is there a payment plan?

    No, our Summer programs are sold as 4 week programs. There will be a one time payment option.

  • Does my child have to participate in all 4 weeks of programming?

    The program is sold as an 4 week package. For Pre-Recorded Lessons - Once you purchase the package you will have access to the videos, as they are released daily. You can watch the videos whenever you’d like and as many times as you’d like. For Live Lessons - There are no replays if you miss a class.

  • What ages are the programs suitable for?

    Based on skills covered in our programs, they are recommended for ages 3 - 5. However, some 2.5 years olds may be ready for some of the basic skills and lessons. We encourage all lessons to be guided by an adult.

  • How long will I have access to the Summer Program Content?

    All Summer Preschool Explorers Programs will remain on the platform until the end of the 4 week program + 2 additional weeks. Summer Exploration Pre-recorded lessons will be available until August 12, 2022 (11:59PM PST) . Video Lessons are not downloadable.

  • Do parents need to participate in Pre-K All & Pre-K Cub classes?

    Our Preschool programs can be totally independent, however this will depend primarily on each individual child. Children will need their basic materials set-up before their lesson begins. Parent preparation is simple and can be done ahead of time the night before or morning of the class.

  • Will my child need materials ready at home for Pre-K All & Pre-K Cub lessons?

    Yes, since our program happens in your home your child will need some materials each day. We try to keep the materials to a minimum. Your child will need simple materials in order to participate. A materials list is provided for each week. Once your program registration is complete you’ll have access to our private platform where you can find the materials list and more. We’ll provide plenty of easy, economical ideas and suggestions.

  • Are any of your classes live lessons?

    Yes, our Summer Ready, Set Kinder Explorers is taught live via Zoom.

  • What if my child isn't ready for some of the activities in the program?

    Patience is key. Have patience and give your child time to adapt to their new routines, work, lessons, etc. Make sure you sample the first few classes and see if your child engages with the lessons. You are given a time frame for a refund.

  • Can I receive a refund if I don't think the content is right for my child?

    There are no refunds for the Summer Exploration Program.